A little about what Social Airways is and does.

Flights are full of people that have never met before in their life. Our
platform rewards registered travelers by providing them with the chance to
connect with each other and enjoy a more constructive and pleasant travel

Social Airways is a platform that connects people who are on the same flight.
It assists travelers in finding a useful way to enjoy their flight time more
contructively and provides them with alternative options that will make their
trip more social, cost-effective and pleasant.

At Social Airways, we believe travel can be more productive and enjoyable. We built Social Airways to take travel to the next level by making it more constructive, beneficial, and yes, even fun. How? By meeting new people and keeping up with the ones you already know.

Connect with other travelers who
are on the same route.

Easily manage your Trips, Matches,
and personal Network.

Give your personal and professional
life a boost.Never miss a chance to
meet someone important.

Social Airways platform offers every traveler the opportunity to interact with their fellow travelers. Registered travelers can you enter their itinerary, and introduce themselves to fellow travelers who share part or all of that same itinerary.

Flying to London for a conference? Start networking on the plane. Find interesting people from your industry on the same flight, meet with them at the conference itself and continue with a round of drinks, with even more industry professionals.

Explore Social Airways. Get an idea of what we are doing. See where some exciting new people are going. You will love it! Our aim is to revolutionize the way we travel, meet people and, most importantly, make traveling worth the money and time.


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